Chapter 12: Addiction and Dependency


While psychiatrists and drug companies will reluctantly admit to most side effects of psychotropic drugs, there is one more that they almost never mention—addiction.

Most people think of addiction as an uncontrollable psychological or physical need for a certain substance.

But not psychiatrists. They call it “dependence.”

Regardless of what you call the phenomenon, a vast percentage of people experience horrendous withdrawal reactions when trying to get off psychotropic drugs.

Worse, addictive psychotropics such as stimulants are even sold to children in schoolyards. And they are known to lead to even further addiction to drugs like heroin and cocaine.

And yet psychiatrists tell us that psychotropic drugs are the only way to keep people from insanity and alleviate mental distress.

But is this really the case?

Or are there other choices—effective, inexpensive and drug free—that could accomplish all the promises left broken and unfulfilled by psychiatry?