Chapter 2: Psychotropic Drugs


Psychiatrists claim a history of great advances in the area of psychotropic drugs. But is this parade of brain chemicals the “scientific breakthroughs” they assert?

Sigmund Freud’s early drug marketing efforts helped create a major cocaine epidemic throughout Europe.

Psychiatrists next turned to amphetamines until those drugs were discovered to be not only ineffective, but highly toxic and addictive.

Years later, the world was told that “antidepressant” drugs were actually “lifestyle drugs” for a choose‑your‑mood society. Yet within ten years, staggering details of side effects such as violence and suicide could no longer be ignored—with an estimated 3.9 million adverse events on Prozac alone.

Today, the same cycle continues, with breathless news coverage of new chemical treatments promoted as “miracle drugs.”

Two questions remain—where is the science that backs psychiatry up?

And how much longer will the public continue to believe false hopes, hype and outright lies?