Chapter 10: Mass Marketing


Psychiatrists insist that universal mental health screening would be beneficial for everyone.

Today, their dream is coming true, with a presidential advisory group known as The New Freedom Commission on Mental Health laying out plans to screen major segments of American society for signs of mental illness.

For many, however, mental health screening is already a fact of life. Foster children are routinely screened and drugged. So are our men and women in uniform.

And plans are already in place to screen and possibly drug pregnant women and by extension, their unborn children.

To implement this drugging, psychiatrists and researchers funded by eleven different pharmaceutical companies have created a step‑by‑step flow chart requiring the latest and most expensive psychiatric drugs for patients with mental problems—and if that doesn’t work, electroshock treatment.

With all this in place, what happens to patients once diagnosed and delivered into the psychotropic drugging machine?