Chapter 11: My Doctor Never Told Me


Though psychotropic drugs are being sold as “safe and effective” by psychiatrists and drug companies, we are seeing an alarming increase in consumer reported adverse side effects.

In children, we see obesity, heart disease and diabetes. In pregnant women, a near tripling of the risk of severe birth defects. And for senior citizens, a drastic shortening of life span.

Perhaps most serious of all is the significant risk of violent behavior, including suicide. Once on an antidepressant, the suicide rate jumps from 11 for every 100,000 people to 718—over 65 times more.

And there is ample evidence that if the short‑term side effects of psychotropics don’t get you, the long-term effects will.

The very real probability of significant long- and short-term side effects should give anyone considering taking psychotropic drugs great pause.

But what about those already taking them, who no matter how hard they try, cannot get off?