Chapter 5: Psychotropics on Trial

In modern psychiatry, psychotropic drugs have become the weapons of choice. But are they as safe as we’ve been led to believe?

In fact, claims of psychotropic drug safety by psychiatrists and drug companies are far from the truth.

First, drug safety testing is predominantly done by drug companies themselves, not by governmental agencies or independent labs—creating an obvious conflict of interest.

Psychiatrists have no scientific lab tests to objectively measure improvement either, which permits researchers many opportunities to skew results of drug trials in the pharmaceutical company’s favor.

And there are many, many ways of biasing trials to avoid negative findings or accentuate the positive.

As one drug expert summarized, “It can be proven that most claimed research findings are false.”

The result? Volumes of negative effects associated with psychotropic drugs have since been discovered, including homicide and suicide.

With this level of corruption pervading the testing of psychotropic drugs, one is left with the question:

Where are those entrusted with our protection?